Please feel free to get tickets in advance at Pride Lafayette Community Center (640 Main St., Lafayette, IN 47901) any day between 6-8pm, starting July 1st.

We’ll have a way to purchase advance tickets online soon as well! On August 18th, if you bought advance tickets, please enter at the 5th and Columbia Entrance!


Regular Admission Tickets are $10. Regular Admission Tickets can be purchased at the any entrance gate at OUTfest on September 16th. We will accept cash or card.

Student Admission Tickets are $5. Student Admission Tickets can be purchased at the entrance gate at OUTfest on September 16th with a valid student i.d. using cash or card.

Volunteers get FREE access to OUTfest!

Why does OUTfest charge an entry fee?

OUTfest also serves as an annual fundraiser for Pride Lafayette. Charging an entry fee, in addition to our valued sponsorships, allows us to continue operating the Community Center in Downtown Lafayette and support our various educational programming, support groups, and health initiatives. Pride Lafayette is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and relies on fundraising activities, such as OUTfest and our participation in events around Indiana, for the majority of our funding.