Vendor Registration

Additional Information for Vendors

Pride Lafayette Inc.presents OUTfest 2018 – a celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Ally Pride as an educational and entertainment event and reserves all rights as producers. Any reproduction, broadcast or commercial use of any potion of the event, in whole or in part, without explicit prior consent of Pride Lafayette Inc. is strictly prohibited. By submitting a Vendor Application, you , hereafter referred to as “Vendor”, agree to comply with the following provisions:

* All business or other activity for which Vendor has rented space must be conducted in the designated booth area ONLY. Distribution, layout or hanging of any items outside designated booth area is not permitted.

* All materials deemed offensive by Pride Lafayette, Inc. will not be permitted to be sold or displayed. Please keep “adult oriented material” out of view of minors.

* All Vendors and employees are expected to monitor themselves on all matter of conduct, attire, etc. We are not about censoring, but this is a “family event” and minors will be present.

* No displays over 8 ft. in height or extending beyond the 10′ x 10′ booth are permitted without prior permission.

* Vendor is responsible for paying all fees, and obtaining all permits required by an federal, state or local governmental entity, including but not limited to the City of Lafayette. Please note that Pride Lafayette, Inc. is required to submit a list of all participating Vendors to the City of Lafayette. Pride Lafayette, Inc. is not responsible for the collection of submission of any such governmental fees.

* Pride Lafayette, Inc. will maintain event insurance for the overall event. All Vendors must add Pride Lafayette, Inc. as an additional insured party to their insurance policy for the day of this event. Pride Lafayette, Inc. assumes no liability for Vendors or their invitees or licensees within or around Vendor’s allotted area. Pride Lafayette, Inc. reserves the right to require proof of insurance prior to, during or following the event. Pride Lafayette, Inc. reserves the right to remove any Vendor not properly insured without any refund of any fees due or paid to Pride Lafayette, Inc.

* Vendors shall not display, offer for review or sell any illegal or contraband items. The laws of the State of Indiana and local ordinances of the City of Lafayette shall control. Vendors shall not display, offer for review or sell any items that are unlicensed and/or copies/interpretations of licensed or registered items at any or all sites and operations of OUTfest 2017.

* Vendors shall indemnify and hold harmless Pride Lafayette, Inc. its agents, successors, and assigns for any losses that should arise out of Vendor’s actions, business activity or otherwise arising out of or from Vendor’s participating in the subject event. Vendors shall hold Pride Lafayette, Inc. harmless for any losses that should arise due to cancellation of the event, regardless of cause. The event will be held rain or shine.